Saturday, 11 October 2008

Toe Techniquery

Thanks to the patient teaching skills of Purlescence and Erqsome, and the equally helpful advice from KatinkaKnits, I now have one kitchenered sock toe. I'm sure it shouldn't take three people to teach me something everyone else seems to know from birth, or at least much earlier on in their knitting careers, but I'm very pleased to have it at the end of my foot at last.

In case I'm being heelist, here's an alternative view.

Here's another heel, just to balance things out. This is the heel for a Harris Tweed sock in Skein Queen Plushness, mentioned earlier. Not quite tweed as we know it, but pink is de rigueur at the moment.


Edgar Crook said...

"de rigueur at the moment."

only at the moment, will Pink go out of fashion? Nice socks btw (the pink ones natch).

Robynn said...

Before you're too hard on yourself, I must point out that (a) I am a lousy teacher, and (b) I seem to do kitchener a bit differently to everyone else. But you know it now, and nice job! The sock is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I should add to what's already been said, by letting you know that it took me quite a while to "get" the kitchener stitch, and I only really memorized it, because I knit socks non-stop for most of the year 2001. So I agree that you shouldn't be too hard on yourself!... and thanks for the mention!