Thursday, 2 October 2008

Making amends

There have been entirely justified complaints about the parlous nature of the frequency of new entries here.

However, I have been very busy deciding what knitted garment I should make next. I have decided on this:

but first I may have to grow my hair. Modesty, you know.

('nuff said about the quality of the pics. Technical problems abounded)


Anonymous said...

Complaints about the scarcity of posts?! I thought you were doing quite well!

The finished dress and hairstyle are much anticipated!

Edgar Crook said...

And now I feel a cad for complaining

GreenPea said...

No, no. Only a true chap could complain in such an elegant way, and with such apposite aplomb. A trans-continental debate is an excellent way to add controversy to the pages.

The Pea