Saturday, 18 October 2008


sweets on a Saturday

I couldn't resist these. They are just so pretty, and so nostalgic of a time when sweet shops had jars. These are hand-made Chocolate Satins, from the excellent A Quarter Of... , where nearly all childhood dreams held by adults can still come true (and there's a great page for requesting long-missed favourites).

Rather strangely, ever since I saw them being given as a present during an episode of The Secret Life of Us, I have had giant jelly beans on the brain. This summer I found some, even more strangely located in the Forestry Commission Shop at Queen's View in the Highlands of Scotland. How apt that the Queen herself is helping me give an idea of just how gigantesque these beans really are.


Queen's View, nr Pitlochry

Queen's View, near Pitlochry, Scotland, on a misty, rainy day; unlikely location of giant jelly beans

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