Sunday, 24 January 2010

Another Competition and Best Snow-ness

Best snow: Lapland snow pictures by SusiVilla. Scroll down to the last photograph in particular. We thought we'd had good snow here but this is the real thing.

Best snow outfit: Also by SusiVilla. As she says, a skirt in -30 degrees Celsius? Still, one can see why. What a skirt, and it only took 3 skeins of Noro Sock.Link

The White Ribbon Competition

Seeing as how my first ever competition proved a bit obscure I'll see if a variation on a theme is any easier. The first competition is still open, by the way. No one has correctly claimed a prize so far.

So, Competition Part 2:

Where is the knitting in White Ribbon (AKA 'Das Weisse Band')?
The film has just won the Palme d'Or and is fairly extraordinary. It is not a touchy-feely, cuddly film but it does have knitting in it.

Clue: only one person is actually knitting.

All correct answers will receive a prize.

Remember to EMAIL ME YOUR ANSWERS rather than post them here (otherwise it will be first past the post which may be short lived). Not all prizes will be knitting related, just in case there are non-knitting people out there.


Edgar said...

This film will most probably not even get to Canberra, so unfair your competition is.

GreenPea said...

All right, I concede that living in Canberra this may be difficult. I will have to come up with a special competition for people living in places without arthouse cinema.