Sunday, 31 January 2010

Best Blues

Best blue yarn 1: I had a request for colourful bedsocks for Christmas so cracked open my sole skein of the legendary Wollmeise yarn. Knitting with something that has grabbed the attention of knitters worldwide is always an experience to be anticipated. In truth, however, I get even more excited about lesser known dyers and always wish them eventual global success, but only after I've managed to buy some skeins from them first. Much as I applaud universal popularity such as that achieved by Wollmeise and Sundara, I am left a little sad that the yarns often then rise beyond my price range, especially with the extortionate Customs charges we are forced to pay on parcels from outside the EU.

For a truly wonderful exposition of a Wollmeise experience, look here. I admit to great envy at being faced with such a difficult choice.

Simple Skyp Socks
by Adrienne Ku (ravelry link)

Yarn: Wollmeise 100% Merino Superwash; 316.3 yards (289.2m), approximately 0.55 of the skein
Colourway: Am Kalten Polar
Needles: 3.00 mm

Best blue yarns 2 & 3: Two dyers whose blues have caught my eye and imagination are both talented, gaining in well-deserved popularity and, I'm sure, about to go global. Just let me acquire as much as I can from them first...

Skein Queen:

Skein Queen DK Desire 'Indigo Denim'

DK Desire in 'Indigo Dream', 100% wool.


sparkleduck blue laceweight close up

'Midnight Purple', a laceweight in ultrafine merino with silk


Anonymous said...

Hi P,
The socks are such a lovely color (which I believe I wrote on Ravelry too.) I'm completely oblivious to the hype of Wollmeise yarn, and I didn't notice in your post whether the yarn actually lives up to the reputation that you and another friend have told me about.

Emma said...

Fab socks !
Wollmeise yarn, though nice, is no better than a lot of less fashionable dyers' yarns.
I have some, which I really must knit [!] via Yarnissima. Nice colours, but not worth the scrum that occurs when there's an update. Mind you, I don't scrum for Posh either.

Skein Queen said...

I was wondering how you were and what you were up to as was thinking about you the other day as finally saw Julie and Julia so came over to your blog and see the most beautiful socks - I love Wollmeise!! Love, love, love and thank you for mentioning SQ blue in the same post. You are too kind :-)