Tuesday, 12 January 2010


Best colours of the day: these ones, put together. Drawback: now I need to replicate them throughout and that's easier said than done with Noro.

Best sound of the day: the laughter of an orangutan being tickled. Seriously. Radio 4, midnight, last night/this morning.

Best sensation of the day: a single, melting Italian 'gianduiotto' on the tongue

Best smell of the day: fresh laundry

Best decision of the day: to leave work on time and go home


Edgar said...

Finally, a post! and just after I said that your absence was missed. Hurrah

Anonymous said...

Lovely "Bests"! The sweater is so pretty!... and gianduia! I haven't tasted one in years and years, but how wonderful!

Emma said...

Ah, Gianduja ! Sigh. One is never enough !
Best to just go with the flow with Noro, in order to avoid a knitting meltdown. Actuallyu, that would be good advice for life in general.
Always a good idea to leave work on time !
I like your sock hat. Blog it !