Sunday, 17 January 2010

How Not to Make a Pompom

This is how not to make a pompom. It was supposed to be the finishing touch for my new snow hat, based on the Sockhead Hat by bohoknits who very generously publishes the pattern for free. Ravelry link here.

One advantage of having snow and ice coat London for longer than usual was the opportunity to examine surreptitiously the enormous array of hats, mittens and scarves that appeared on people struggling to and from work, or even merely trying to stay upright on the sheets of ice that once used to be pavements. The more I looked at other people's heads, the more I wanted a new hat for the snow, and the more I couldn't see one that I thought would suit me. This new one may well not suit me at all but I think I may wear it frequently. It's very warm, versatile, and I like it, which of course helps no end.

I used three-quarters of a skein of sock yarn, held with a ball of Kidsilk Spray to add some extra softness and bloom. I omitted the Kidsilk at various random points to allow the colours of the merino sock yarn to shine through.

A few random rows with the Kidsilk Spray omitted to allow the brightness of the sock yarn to shine through.

More photos will appear when I've finished the pompom, or perhaps when I've decided against the pompom. Until then, here is the back of my head.

Sockhead Hat

Yarn 1: Sunshine Yarns Twist Sock Yarn in Costa Rica (I used about 297 yards/271 metres)
Yarn 2: Rowan Kidsilk Spray (shade 569 Clay), 1 ball
Needles: 3mm (I used magic loop method)

a) adding in the Kidsilk Spray
b) I worked 6 inches of stocking stitch for the body rather than the 9 inches suggested
c) there may be a pompom if I can remember how to make one properly


Caroline B said...

Absolutely inspired idea to leave the Kidsilk out from time to time: it makes a glorious fabric.

Emma said...

It looks a lovely, soft, bright and sunny hat. Wear it with pride. Without a pom pom ! ;0)

Edgar said...

it needs no pompom. The colours are almost exactly the same as on a much loved jumper I had as a young child, named 'the rainbow jumper'