Friday, 14 November 2008

Getting the Franklin habit

I went to hear The Panopticon - AKA Franklin Habit - speak at IKnit last night. He read from his book and was very, very funny. Such excellent deadpan humour.

Sadly I had no opportunity to ask my burning question of what happened to The Panopticon's knitting student, Willibald. I've always wondered whether there is a man in Chicago clad entirely in grey purled garter stitch garments, and whether he's having fun yet.

I was sorry to see that the evening was a missed sales opportunity for Franklin H as there were hardly any spare copies of the book available. Never mind. I did get to talk to someone who was taught to knit by an elderly woman in Italy who believed circular needles were a form of garotte, and to someone whose brains I could pick about simultaneously knitting two socks on one circular needle. A cure for my Second Sock Syndrome, perhaps?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Willibald, indeed, what has become of him???

Have you decided to try 2 socks on one circular needle? I am fearful (and "Big Eyed" due to inadvertent consumption of 2 large cups of caffeinated tea at today's (oops, yesterday's) craft show!) Ack!